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PK Industrial acts the way our big suppliers should. They respond, pay attention, and have a sense of urgency we require from the project management position.

- Thomas L. - Linde |

PK has done a fantastic job supplying mechanical for the LTO project. I have been impressed with their pricing but more importantly their service. They are very nimble and have been able to respond to our needs in a way that far exceeds MRC or other competitors.

- Eric T. – Chevron LTO |

PK has been one of my top material partners for many years.  They far exceed the requirements when it comes to quality, pricing, and lead times.  Their customer service is the best in the business.  I highly recommend PK industrial for any and all material needs on your next project.

- Daniel H. – P66 |

This is one of my favorite clients.

- Keith C. |

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